Just Be Here Right Now

Come back up and believe in the beautiful sky. Waves of change crash over me and I think that I am going to drown.

Tiny New Years Resolutions

There was a time when I made grand New Year’s resolutions every year, thinking of it as a new beginning and a chance at

Create Gratitude in Your Life – 4 Tips

When you’re dissatisfied with the state of your present, it is easy to look on the past with disdain and regret. You might blame

Let the Rats Race Without You

You know the proverbial rat race that we are all supposedly part of. I have a proposition to make: Let the rats race without

A Note of Encouragement to You

Sometimes I feel like I’m just writing words for the sake of writing them, and sometimes for a moment I forget that you are

6 Ways to Gain Fresh Perspective – Without Major Change

My world becomes stale when I stay in one place or one mindset for too long, but major change can be undesirable in some

How To Make Packing a Breeze

I will be moving out of province in just a few months’ time. This excites me to no end, and also gets me thinking

Take Action to Achieve Your Dreams – RIGHT NOW

What is the vision that you are holding onto for your future? If you know what your passion is, the thing that drives you

Questions on the Road to Change

Same Old Street is littered with complacency and lack of growth. If you are stuck in old patterns of thinking or “stuck in a

How to Let Go of God – 4 Steps

I let go of my religious beliefs when I finally took a closer look at them, ironically, at Bible college. It’s a kind of